The Finest Web Hosting Providers for Canada

The Finest Web Hosting Providers for Canada

What defines a good web hosting provider? What features of a web hosting solution are important to your potential success? Is it the quality or the speed?

Just a second delay can cause your page views to drop by 11%. This shows why a decent web hosting services provider is essential!

Simply, you don’t want to compromise on performance and don’t want to break the bank, either. So, it can be a bit overwhelming to find a host that’s budget-friendly and offers true quality features too. To ease your mind, there are some best web hosting providers out there for Canada. These are reasonably priced and have the right features to host any website you want.


Ever heard of a green host? HostPapa is one of the green hosts and still keeping up with it. They provide their clients plenty of benefits like free domain names, allows free switching from old web hosting company, 30-day money-back guarantee and so on. You can rely on their impressive support services including telephone, live chat, weekly webinars, and email. When it comes to speed, they have some super speedy serves located in Canada. For other countries, they have other means to assure that speed of their site will never be compromised.


Since 2008, they have been in business and have contrived to become power efficient, which is quite interesting. As a reliable web hosting provider, GreenGeeks have their servers not only in Canada, but they are spread over worldwide. Surprisingly, their basic hosting package offers unlimited disk-space. They offer a high quality security system so that websites can run smoothly. What clients generally like about GreenGeeks is offering of multiple data centres to choose from. This way they can choose the one server that’s closest to their target market. Some of their data centres are in USA and some in Toronto. Like Hostpapa, they also use SSDs to assure speedy loading of a web page.


The devotion to serve locals makes HostUpon apart from other Canadian web hosting companies. Their prices are set in stone. Means you only have to pay the same price even if the site shows increased prices. Their speedy data centres are located in USA and Canada.


Hostpapa Price: $3.36

GreenGeeks Price: $3.95 (USD)

HostUpon Price:$3.36 (USD)


Mull over the pricing, server location and storage space while deciding for a web hosting provider. Uptime and support is vital for your website’s well-being as well.

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