Avoid These 5 Horrible Mistakes When Selecting a Domain Name

Starting an online business is essential as you will reach both local and international customers. To start this business, you will not require using bricks and mortar. With only a website and a professional domain name, you will be good to go. To create a web name can be easy as you will only look for unique keywords to improve ranking on search engines.
However, some errors may arise when selecting a name for your website. As you know, mistakes can bring frustrations and diminish of your business. To avoid this, you need to learn from the mistakes of others. With this, you will run a successful business. Here are the mistakes you need to avoid:

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➢ Making your domain name lengthy

The aim of selecting a domain name is to make it easier for customers to find you. Hence, choosing a long web name can be the worst experience as customers can easily forget it. When typing the name, they may mistype and land on a different site. Also, a long web name can hinder those using their mobile device from finding you.
As you are aware, during this era, almost everyone is using a mobile device to browse online. In this essence, you need to make it short and clear for everyone to find your site with ease. Because most entrepreneurs use business cards and brochures to market their business, using a long web name cannot look appealing to them. In this essence, you need to select a domain name of 16 characters or less.

➢ Selecting a domain name that is similar to another site

Uniqueness can make you stand out from your competitors. Using a web name that is similar to another site can confuse customers. Also, with a unique brand name, Google can easily recognize you and your site can appear at the top for customers to find you with ease. To enable you to select and register a domain name that is unique, you need to use a domain name generator. It will tell you if the keywords you are using are available or not. If they are not available, it can give you suggestions of unique keywords that can improve your ranking on search engine.

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➢ Choosing the wrong Top Level Domain (TLD) extensions

Different extensions can work well for your site. Although .com is the most popular, there are others that can make you create a unique domain name. However, most of them are cheap, and others are expensive. In this essence, you don’t have to consider the price. As you know, cheap things are costly. You can go the cheap extensions which have spammers and can lead to losses. To avoid this, you need to select one that fits your business.
If you are targeting a particular country, you can use a country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD). For instance, you can use the UK for the United Kingdom.

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➢ Using hyphens and numbers for your domain name

A domain name with easy to pronounce words is crucial as customers will easily remember it. A web name with hyphens and numbers can be difficult to pronounce than one with complete words. In this essence, a customer can make confusion when typing it and land on a different website. To avoid this, you need to use complete words and omit the hyphens and numbers.

➢ Choosing the wrong domain name generator to create a web name

Domain name generators play a crucial role in helping you come up with a unique name. However, not all will offer you the best user experience. Some lack the save option which will hinder you from saving the domain name to analyze it later. Also, some do not allow you to add your keyword. In this essence, you need to research to select the best domain name generator.

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